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Residential Loan

A big part of what we do at M1 Finance is finding the proper answer to your desires. Online or offline, locating a loaner is easy, however, navigating the requirements necessary to urge a loan is a complex process, especially in current times when lenders scrutinise disbursal habits and finances very closely.

By taking the time to understand your needs and finances, we can provide the right solution.

Consumer eligibility is first established by considering their ability to gain financial benefit and compensate themselves. In addition to monetary position, age, number of dependents, job security, qualification, and spouse’s earning potential, we try to concentrate on other essential details that help you obtain a more advantageous loan.

Commercial Loan

Our experience ranges from retail spaces to office and warehouse properties, child care centers, service centres, and other specialized assets.

Rearranging funds for a purchase, financing or holding can be done with our assistance.

Lease doc finance of commercial property Finance for the development of commercial activity

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) can purchase business properties. Through an immense network of banks, non-banks, and private lenders we cover every aspect of business development financing and are in progress. With our trade’s specialists, we will be able to supply a nice service depending on the project requirements.

Business Loan

Purchasing, setting up, or expanding a business


A goodwill purchase (for healthcare professionals, accountants, lawyers, etc.)

Investing in overdrafts and assets.

First, we confirm that we are able to perceive the needs of your financing and then finish the monetary risk analysis and check risk craving for multiple lenders.

Our service matches lenders to the risk profile, needs, and conditions of your business at cheap valuations and rates.

Our experience in handling businesses from multiple industries and understanding business cash-flows have enabled us to help many consumers over the years achieve their financial goals, and our knowledge of an entire industry and its products can guide you to your desirable result.

Equipment Financing

Need financing for your equipment? You Can Get Help From M1 Finance.

The use of the latest equipment is required by some businesses. We believe that if the business needs it, it should be provided. Don’t let the cost of capital delay or ruin your plans.

During the expansion phase of your firm, when you plan to invest and make improvements in anticipation of increased revenues/profits from investments, return on investment is not understood and may be missed in your past financial reporting, which may unfavorably affect your business’s development.

Then, we help you identify the right funding partner and understand the value of the investment.

Assets that can be bought using equipment finance.

    • Earth Moving Equipment
    • Laser Machine
    • Dental Chair
    • Office Fit-out
    • Cranes
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Farming Equipment
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Medical Equipment fit-out
    • X-ray Machine
    • MRI Machinery
    • Equipment for business use

From M1 Finance, you can get equipment financing for any type of equipment

    • Lease financing
    • Purchasing commercial hire
    • Mortgages Chattel
    • Leases with a new term
    • Rent-to-Operate Lease
    • Drawdown of Progress Facility
    • Limits for corporate equipment and ongoing requirements

We make it easy for you to obtain equipment loans.

Business owners can turn to us for help in obtaining different types of loans for their companies. In order to help grow both your business and our reputation, we want to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Self-managed super funds or SMSFs

It contribute to a higher retirement savings rate. Retirement savings can only be increased with it. We now offer SMSF loans through M1 Finance with such great and powerful benefits.

Our track record includes clients who have achieved great financial outcomes through our services. With our comprehensive understanding of SMSF requirements, we can assist in all SMSF aspects.

Loan with LIMITED Recourse:

Once the loans are paid off, the assets are transferred to SMSF. Once the property is purchased, the SMSF borrows the funds to finish the deal and secure the property in a Bare Trust for Asset Protection.

The ATO recommends this structure as it safeguards other superfund assets and members’ interests.

An investment structure based on unit trusts

Investments of certain units by a SMSF for retirement return purposes are the primary use for this structure.

Loans to related parties:

Members of your SMSF may use this structure to invest for SMSF and lend to SMSF personally as related parties to the SMSF.

As industry experts, we understand how to make the process as seamless as possible.

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What makes M1 Finance different?

A commercial loan broker will assist you if you need someone to know and guide you through the process. Whatever you are doing, whether or not it is an existing business or something completely new, we are here to support and encourage you to envision, so that you’re able to make it a reality.

Our goal is to assist you in reaching your business targets by finding the correct financial answer to fit all of your wants and assisting you in this process.